5 Tips for Pallet Safety in the Workforce

Most of our client companies have pallets in their workplaces. That’s why our Occupational Wellness Manager, Carla Villalta, has created a FREE POSTER DOWNLOAD that can be used alongside a toolbox safety talk with workers, and also posted near lockers, health and safety boards, and lunch rooms.

Here are our 5 easy tips for pallet safety in the workplace:

  1. Train supervisors and workers on all safe practices and procedures. Train workers on any changes. Regularly review your pallet handling practices, especially with young and vulnerable workers.
  2. Proper handling of pallets can include PPE – safety gloves and steel toe work shoes.
  3. Implement a process to inspect, identify, and remove damaged pallets from service, and restock loads on undamaged pallets. Hazardous pallets can be split, broken, chipped, or sagging, indicating structural damage.
  4. Use pallets for the purpose they were designed for. Do not exceed pallet load bearing limits, and use expendable pallets only once.
  5. Identify the best locations for placing pallets with goods stored on them, as well as empty pallets. Eliminate blind spots and tripping hazards. Ensure a clear workspace so they do not impede access to doorways, emergency exists, fire extinguisher etc.

Follow these simple pallet guidelines to keep your workers safe in the warehouse.

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