What Is A “New, Young & Vulnerable Worker”, And What Do They Mean For Your Business?

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Written by: Risk Management Team
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At this time of year, you are likely to see an influx of students who are entering the workforce – and ABL Careers can help you manage this by keeping you informed of what this means to your business. For instance, the Ontario Ministry of Labour has announced a blitz for New and Young Workers, beginning May 1st, 2017.

Who are “New, Young & Vulnerable Workers”?

New and Young workers can be new to a particular job or environment, seasonal workers hired during a peak period, and/or under the age of 25. Vulnerable workers are those who recently moved from another province or country, have just started their first job, or are returning to the workforce after a long absence. Vulnerable workers also include people who work in an “underground” economy, especially those who do not have documentation, who are refugees, or whose English language skills are inadequate.

How can these Workers Affect your Business?

These workers may be more exposed to injury and illness than other workers because of their lack of experience, reluctance to ask questions, communication barriers, and the type of work they do. The business justification includes: compliance with the law, business interruption protection, and organization capability. Maintaining a proper Health & Safety program assists your business in protecting you from these risks.

What ABL Careers & Our Worksite Partners Do To Address These Concerns:

• Properly register, provide training and orientation to all assignment employees
• Review Employee Rights while interviewing employees
• Inform assignment employees of all safety precautions and PPE required on the job
• Ensure to conduct regular and proper safety audits at worksites, and respond promptly to any concerns
• Take every precaution reasonable for the protection of a worker
• Ensure workers are complying with provisions of the OHSA

Employee Responsibilities & Rights:

All workers have responsibilities & rights. It is important that you review all of these with all workers, especially all new, young, & vulnerable workers.

Employee Responsibilities & Rights:
• Work in compliance with OH&S acts & regulations
• Use personal protective equipment & clothing as directed by the employer
• Report workplace hazards & dangers to the supervisor or employer
• Work in a safe manner as required by the employer & use the prescribed safety equipment
• Tell the supervisor or employer about any missing or defective equipment or protective device that may be dangerous
• Right to refuse unsafe work
• Right to participate in the workplace health & safety activities through the Committee or as a worker representative
• Right to know, or the right to be informed about, actual & potential dangers in the workplace

Find Out More:

Links to Reference:
Resources: CCOHS, WSPS, Ontario MOL

For additional information or to suggest an awareness topic, please contact ABL’s Occupational wellness Manager, Carla Villalta at carla@ablemployment.com 

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