Tracy has been an Assignment Employee since 05/29/2008. He has dedicated over 15,492 hours and 304.75 overtime hours. He has been an employee who has shown dedication and persistence within his job.

Over the years, AM Dofasco would always ask Tracy if he has put in his resume to human resources as they wanted to hire him on full time. Tracy had never applied to AM Dofasco because he had only obtained the highest level of education in grade 6 when he quit school to help work for his family. Over the years AM Dofasco would ask Tracy on an annual basis, if he had yet applied in which Tracy would reply with “nope”.

Over the past 3 years out of Tracy’s 8 years with ABL, Jeff, Charlene and AM Dofasco encouraged Tracy to return to school to get his GED equivalent and that we would help him in any way we could, to see Tracy shine and finally be a great asset to AMD Dofasco. After 8 long dedicated years to ABL while working in AM Dofasco, Tracy did just that. He said “ah what the hell”, returned to a secondary assistance program and received his GED! He would pop into the office every Friday when he picked up his cheque and let the ABL staff know that he has passed MATH, he got 73% on his English essay on Anne Frank, he only had one more test and he would let us know how he did. He kept us updated every week. Even with the death of his sister and wife within the same year Tracy stayed focused on his goal.

As of November, 14th 2016, Tracy had applied to AM Dofasco; anxiously awaiting was his area manager and crew. The second they found out he had applied, the hiring department fast tracked his application and testing and hired Tracy on full time. Tracy did not have to complete the 2-year casual probation period as AM Dofasco was thrilled to have him be part of their team. Way to go Tracy and good luck! You are well deserving of this position and AM Dofasco has received a great asset to their team.