A passionate advocate for others who takes time to get to know the people she works with and the bigger picture affecting the companies she works at. She embraces the opportunity to create A Better Life right where she is in *this* moment, both for herself and the people around her.

We got a call from Bryan, (a worksite supervisor at one of our BC client companies), and he was telling us about some of the difficulties that one of our associates, we’ll call her Kate**, has had there. He told us that Kate is a great worker, but her social skills are lacking, and she suffers from anxiety and PTSD. While at our client company, however, with no prompting and no expectation, a different ABL associate named Sue P. (our nominee from the BC region) took this associate Kate under her wing. She treated her with love and respect, patience and kindness, and encouraged her to do well in her work. She didn’t do it for any personal gain, but because she’s just that sort of caring and positive person, and she saw someone who could use her help. When asked about her motivation for bringing Kate under her wing, Sue said: “I always feel like I want to do the best that I can, to “show up” for the challenge, and I’m a very heart-centred person, so I care a lot about what I do: it’s not just a “task”, it’s an “offering”. When I come to a job, I not only work as an individual to do the best that I can, but also making sure that I understand the larger team and do my best to help everybody out.”.