Lee came to ABL early in 2016, a busy man looking for a little help to raise his family. He works full time in the field of physiotherapy and his wife is a stay-at-home mom to their children.

He started out by saying he was available for evenings and weekends. Turns out he would be a perfect candidate for one of our courier customers, the shifts work perfectly with his schedule. So immediately upon registration, we had him out working. He proved to be an excellent worker, showing up on time and never missing a shift. As time went on and this client slowed down for the season, he started picking up shifts at other clients with last minute needs. His work and enthusiasm on each of his assignments has resulted in frequent requests for his return from our clients.

In October, we ran a local branch contest for the employee with best attendance. Each week the winner would get $50 in transportation, whether it was a gas card or bus tickets. Week 1 our friend Lee Austin won….when he picked up his gas card, he was over the moon excited!! The thing that touched me the most about Lee that day, is this guy, who works so hard for his family, showed up to collect his gas card with his broken eye glasses held together with scotch tape. I wanted to hug him. It really tugged at my heart strings that as hard as he worked, he was wearing glasses all taped up.

Lee’s hard work has paid off, the courier company officially brought Lee on as a full-time employee earlier this year. I was so happy about that. He really deserved it.
Now when we hear from Lee, every Monday, it is to hotlist his availability for Sunday shifts!!

We think that Lee is the perfect candidate for “A Better Life Campaign” because ABL has been able to give him options, opportunity, flexibility, a step ahead, to be able to provide more for his family. He was able to secure a second job, which will work well with his schedule and will be a sense of security for their future. Lee has maintained a great working relationship with ABL and our various clients so that he will be able to pick up extra work when/if needed.

Lee, you are an inspiration!! Hard work pays off.