A better life award Finalists 2019

2019 Award Finalists

Profile photo of Precious, our 2019 Award Winner

Our 2019 A Better Life Award Recipient: Precious T. (ABL Careers/Etobicoke location)

We first met Precious when she was new to Canada, in the transition phase of work permit to Permanent Resident. Turns out she was financially responsible for all of her extended family members back home in Botswana, and is dedicated to building a career and a better life in Canada, so that she can continue to support her family and the charitable causes she champions back home. From the first time we met, we were struck by her humility and selfless approach to life.

Why was Precious nominate for the A Better Life Award and the $1000 cheque?
Precious was very successful in a challenging technical interview for a specialized role with one of our clients. While there, Precious comforted and encouraged another applicant who was not successful in this particular technical interview, when she could have just focussed on her own success. She successfully landed that position and has proven herself to be a positive influence and future leader – we are confident that she will continue to thrive. Congratulations from all of us at ABL, Precious! We know you will put that $1000 cheque to great use!

Profile photo of Lee

2019 A Better Life Award Runner-Up: Lee A (ABL Employent-Burlington) 

We wanted to nominate Lee for this award because he is a determined, hard-working, reliable employee who always gets raving reviews from the placements we’ve sent him to. But when Lee heard about his nomination, he opened up and shared so much more with us: He explained that his father requires greater help in daily life as he reaches his elderly years, because he suffered a stroke years ago, one that rendered him aphasic and paraplegic. Because Lee sees his father as his hero, Lee travels between his home and his dad’s to help him as much as he can, but it’s a struggle to keep a full time job when you have to have such a flexible schedule. The constant cycle of getting and leaving jobs was really beginning to affect his self esteem. But when he started with ABL, we were able to place him at flexible part time placements that were glad to have Lee return whenever his schedule allowed, and this has allowed Lee to thrive, as he can support himself, be there for his dad when needed, and still feel like he’s contributing to his community. It has changed his perception of himself 100%. We expect great things for this young man’s future.

Dorran profile photo

2019 A Better Life Award Runner-Up: Dorran S (ABL Employent-North York) 

Right away, we could tell that he is the kind of person who just gets things done! He worked a few short term assignments to get his first couple of Canadian paycheques, but what he really needed was something he could sink his teeth into. We placed him at a client where we thought he could really showcase his talents as a highly skilled, hardworking candidate, and even though it was a bit further away than was ideal, Dorran never once complained or let us down. He was there every day, without fail, ready to work and prove himself a valuable member of the team. Dorran distinguished himself so well, that the client company created an afternoon shift specifically because they wanted to make sure they could keep Dorran working there longer, by creating a shift that was more convenient for him with the bus schedules that were available. Dorran has now been hired on at that company, and continues to mentor new hires, and prove himself to be one of the hardest working, and most positive people around!

What Is The A Better Life Award?

You can watch ABL’s founder and president, PJ Ferguson, explain the concept around the “A Better Life Award” here:

ABL’s “A Better Life Award” recognizes an individual who has made an active outbound effort to create a better life for themselves and the people in their lives.