Ameri-Connect Timeclock In Brampton

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Hello ABL’ers!!! 

If you are receiving this email – you are currently working for ABL Employment at Ameri-Connect Freight Services in Brampton, Ontario.  Thank you very much for all of your hard work!  We appreciate you and everything you do.  We have recently installed a new ‘Time Clock” – it looks like a iPad tablet.  Over the next few shifts, you can contact the ABL office team by phone at 416-749-2253  and they will help get you through your first time using the system.  For your next scheduled shift, please come prepared with the “last six digits of your SIN number” – as this will be the number you enter on the new time clock.

I know that many of you have been asking about the clock and are eager to get things started.  Here’s a quick preview!  Check out this “how-to” video below and see just how easy it is!

Thank you again! You can see the steps in the graphics below, too:

screencapture of number pad being used to enter swipe numbers