8 Ideas To Help Relieve The Financial Burden Over The Holidays

Man dressed as Santa Clause with a shocked or surprised expression on his face

How to Keep Some Jingle in Your Pocket & Avoid Feeling Like A Grinch Due To Overspending During The Festive Holidays

  • Build a budget that’s right for you and try your hardest to commit to it
  • Make your list a spreadsheet, and ‘check it twice’
  • Make Your Own ‘Naughty or Nice’ List
  • Use Technology to search for deals, price matching, coupons, free shipping
  • DIY! Give something personalized or homemade and from the heart, make a playlist, paint a picture, Framed photographs of snapshots with a connection to the recipient¸ food, such as jars of fruit, vegetables or salsa, along with baked cookies
home made xmas cookies in a giftbag
  • Start early to avoid last minute spending, it’s more likely that you’ll end up spending way more than you intended.
  • Save some money (and time) you can do a potluck and have your guests each bring a dish
    Secret Santa, Kris Kringle, White Elephant – this is great for large gatherings and everyone goes home with a gift
  • Timeless coupon gifts – Offer to help with home projects or free night of babysitting for your family members with young children, a home-cooked meal
collection of coupon tags

Remind Yourself It’s Going To Be OK

Guilt is the biggest motivator to get people to break out a credit card when they didn’t already plan to. Think about how you want to feel in January when the bills start coming. Avoid overspending by remembering a few things:

  • The holidays aren’t ruined when you don’t spend a bunch of money on gifts.
  • You can and will show your love for people in different ways.
  • No one is going to remember this by January except for you, when you look at your credit card statement.

    It’s all going to be OK!

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