Mindfulness When Work Gets Crazy: How to Take a Break and Relax at Work

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Your phone is ringing. You just remembered you have to call that client back. Your co-worker is speaking very loudly. The smell of someone’s lunch is permeating the air. Your neck is stiff and eyes are strained from staring at your computer screen. Not to mention that you just can’t seem to satisfy your supervisor. How do you cope?

This feeling of stress or anxiety can happen anytime or anywhere, on your commute to work, running late for an appointment, at home trying to juggle kid’s homework with making dinner.


How to Take a 5-Minute Mini-Break at Work

Take yourself back to your “peaceful place”

A place that you have visited or imagined that has brought you feelings of calm, relaxation, and peace of mind. Was it a favourite childhood hangout spot, holiday destination, weekend hiking trail, or browsing the aisles at the library? 

Now close your eyes and focus on your breath: notice how the air enters and leaves your body. Imagine that this breath connects the mind and body.

Now, imagine you are back at your Peaceful Place. Try to remember:

  • What and how you felt
  • What you experienced
  • What you saw
  • What you heard
  • What you smelled

Get very specific with your senses.

Your special place may be beside a peaceful lake, wooded trail, or sitting by a fire in your favourite chair. Take a photo of your actual place or find a picture that reminds you of that place.  Have that photo close by, so that when you are feeling overwhelmed, you can look at that image and take yourself back there. This “mini-break” can be as long as you would like it to be. 

This break can help you cope with the stresses of the day.  If, however, you are experiencing anxiety or depression, please contact your primary care physician. Help is out there.


This blog was written by:

Caroline Hamilton
ABL’s Corporate Fitness Coach 


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