Wellness Management: At Work: Managing Muscle Soreness When Starting A New Assignment:

illustration of man holding a sore arm

ABL’s Occupational Wellness Manager and staff are committed to ENSURING you are set up for success when working. First Day Soreness is usually experienced during the first week on the job. Muscles soreness does not involve an actual incident and you are just sore and hurt. It is similar to working out and having muscle pain the next day.

It is common to experience muscle soreness and fatigue after starting a new job especially if you are doing activities that you are not used too. You will notice that when you continue working, your muscles will start to get used to it.

Tips for Success:

  • Warm up your muscles including stretching or a brisk walk before and after work. Focus on similar moves that are used in your job but at a lower intensity.
  • Pace yourself at work – be productive while allowing yourself to ease into the job.
  • Drink water to improve circulation to your muscles throughout the day.
  • At home you can ice the sore area to decrease any inflammation.
  • Adequate rest and sleep will help to recharge your muscles.
  • Ensure proper lifting techniques are used to decrease any strain on your back, legs and arms. Proper posture when working will ensure that you don’t get injured.

If your pain is severe or lasts for more than a few days please make sure you let ABL know so we may assist you with other strategies. Link to the stretching video you can perform before and after your shift. View straight from your phone.

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