Wellness Management: At Work: 5 TIPS When Starting Office Assignments

illustration of best practices for working at a desk"

By following proper ergonomic techniques, productivity can be increased and you will be less fatigued and sore. Office ergonomics is one key to working happy and being healthy in the office.  Review these tips to maintain proper postures, adjust your workstation and work safely. 

  1. Keyboard – Keyboards are typically located either on the desk or on a tray under the desk. Try to adjust the chair height so that your wrists are parallel to the keyboard to avoid strain.
  2. Posture – sit comfortably without slouching or leaning forward to find you Neutral Posture . Try to adjust the chair in order that your feet touch either the floor or foot rest. If no foot rest is available, then be creative and use a box or stack some telephone books
  3. Computer Screen – ideally be within arm length to avoid needing to lean forward to see the screen. if possible, try to adjust the screen so they touch your fingertips. Tilting the monitor can help to avoid reflection.
  4. Telephone – try to use a headset whenever possible.  if possible try, adjust the volume to the point where you can hear at a comfortable level.
  5. Sharp Edges – close open filing cabinets when you are finished, be aware to avoid paper cuts and avoid protruding office equipment.

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