The Benefits of Volunteering

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Volunteer experience is key while you are looking for a job. Regardless if you are looking for your first job, looking after being unemployed or changing fields, volunteer experience can help to keep you relevant in your preferred field of work. Significant job experience might just be what helps you land your next career opportunity.


Volunteering can often lead to opportunities because of the work experience gained. Volunteer work can open doors for you into certain industries and companies. Even if the volunteer work is only somewhat related to your preferred position, the opportunity to work in a related environment can be very beneficial. Through the experience you can meet others who work within the company, learn new skills, keep an eye out for job openings and prove your work ethic to your employer.

Volunteering can be an effective way to transition from one field to another. If the majority of your experience is in a completely unrelated field, that will only contribute to the difficulty of finding new work. Volunteering can create a smooth transition from one job to the next without any lost time. It can also allow you to dip your toes in different industries to see if you might enjoy something new.

If you aren’t sure which job or industry is for you, volunteer work might just be what helps you to discover your true calling. Any experience is valuable experience, especially if it has the potential to help you advance in your career. Volunteering can help you avoid going into the wrong career or even beginning a post-secondary education that you are unsure of.

You can contribute your services to a company that needs help, while at the same time gaining skills and discovering your true talents.


If you are new to an industry, have been experiencing trouble finding work or have just moved to a new area, volunteering may be beneficial to you. Building quality relationships with others in your preferred field is an effective way to network. When you volunteer, you have the opportunity to meet others in your field and build a connection with them. It is likely that they were once in the same position, and may be keen on helping you with your next steps.

It’s impressive how far word can spread. Your connections may be motivated to help you further your career if you take the time while volunteering to display your skills and prove your work ethic.


The health benefits of volunteering can help to keep you in a positive state of mind while you’re looking for work. While volunteering, you have the opportunity to socialize with others and build relationships. This can help to advance your social skills and broaden your network of support. You have the opportunity to network in your career, and even build friendships with others who have the same interests as you. It’s much easier to branch out and meet new people, and make more connections, once you have a solid foundation of social skills.

Volunteering gets you out of the house to do something productive. It can result in improved self-confidence and a feeling of fulfillment. A sense of purpose can help to keep you in a happy and positive mindset, which is key while looking for employment.

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