Temporary Employment on the Rise

Temporary Employment on the Rise

As a staffing agency specializing in filing temporary jobs, ABL Employment couldn’t be more thrilled to hear reports that temporary employment is on the rise. Unfortunately, many people who haven’t experienced temporary employment first-hand argue that the work offered by temporary jobs isn’t as fulfilling as that offered by permanent jobs. What critics of temporary employment fail to take into account is that the vast majority of people who are hired as temporary employees actively seek out that kind of work—they actually want to work in a temporary position.

In fact, the majority of temporary employees work full-time—the same hours as the rest of the work force. And it’s no wonder why; temporary work offers tons of benefits including flexible scheduling, more variety and more opportunities to learn.

Of course, there are a select group of workers who turn to temporary jobs when they can’t find permanent positions. What many people don’t know is that this could be a great strategy for securing a permanent job. Confused? Let us explain…

When organizations hire new permanent employees, they incur risks and additional expenses. These organizations will have to hire lawyers to draft contracts, develop a human resources department and shell out a benefits package. Hiring a temporary employee allows employers to “test out” a potential employee without having to make any costly commitments. Approximately 80% of companies consider hiring temporary employees a great way to find permanent hires, and about 50% of companies have hired a temporary worker as a full-time employee.

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