Five Tips on Dressing for Job Interviews

You may know how to dress for friend requests, but dressing for a job interview is an entirely different animal. Your friends won’t write you off in less than ten seconds if you forget to wear a shirt or you’re rocking your favorite pair of torn jeans, but a job interviewer will. Here are some things you’ll need to know if you want to get to the speaking part before they turn you down.


No matter how many compliments that heart tattoo on your wrist gets when you’re out on the town, if your potential employer sees it you could already have failed. While some informal bosses are cool (they may even have a tattoo or two of their own), it’s best to assume the worst and cover any tattoos you have. It some cases it’s okay to reveal them once you have the job, but until then keep that ink under wraps (unless you work in a tattoo parlour).


Jewelry can add a nice touch to any outfit, but there is a limit. As a rule, avoid dangling earrings and arms of loose bracelets. Not only can they be a distraction for you and the employer, but they can easily make you look unprofessional. Also, no jewelry is better than cheap jewelry. As for piercings? You should probably take them out the night before the interview (earrings are an exception). No need to spring that nose ring of yours on them until they like you.


Color can draw the eye, but not always in a good way. Try to avoid bold colors wherever possible and stick to neutral ones. Navy blue, gray, black, cream, camel, beige and white are all good choices. You might think something bold adds a nice personal touch and conveys some of your character, but bright red is likely to transfer the focus from the interview to your fashion choices. When in doubt about what appeals to specific employers, err on the side of caution.


Some women may love the hairy caveman look, and certain men may prefer dishevelled bed-hair, but it’s safe to assume that the interviewer won’t. If your hair looks like you rolled out of bed after an all-nighter or you’ve been electrocuted, the employer won’t even care what comes out of your mouth. He’s likely to think you put as much effort into your work as you do your grooming. So give yourself more than enough time to neaten up that morning fuzz and the extra effort will pay off.


All your clothing matches and it’s pressed and clean. Your skull tattoo is well hidden by a scarf or a long-sleeved shirt, your nose ring is out and your hair is great, but what then? If your clothes don’t fit you may look like you dressed in the dark. A good fit will not only make you look great but you’ll have much more confidence in your appearance. The employee will notice and hear more of those intelligent things you say instead of that song stuck in his head.

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