Five Myths about Employment Agencies

Five Myths about Employment Agencies

Staffing companies can offer potential candidates tons of exclusive and rewarding work opportunities. Whether you are placed in a part-time or full-time position, or a temp job or temp-to-hire position, working for an employment agency gives you the opportunity to experience working at and learn more about the organizations within your field of interest.

Unfortunately, many people believe that staffing companies are a last resort. These people are missing out on dozens of opportunities to work for some pretty amazing companies, forge strong connections, and build up their resumes. To help you better understand some of the benefits staffing companies can offer, we’ve decided to debunk five of the most popular myths about employment agencies.

Myth #1: Staffing Companies don’t offer “real” jobs

Contrary to popular belief, staffing companies actually offer positions at real companies. Large organizations like Visa, Sony, Microsoft, and more set aside large budgets for hiring employees—even temporary ones. The amount of work to be done at these companies varies depending on demand and the time of year. It is during these busy times when temporary employees become so valuable. As a temporary employee at one of these companies, you will be a prime candidate the next time a full-time position opens up.

Myth #2: Employment Agency positions don’t pay well

Just because you may be working in a temporary position doesn’t mean you are less valuable. Depending on your qualifications and the job you’re doing, the amount you are paid should be comparable to the amount you would be paid if you were a permanent employee. The only difference is that you will be paid for a shorter time period.

Myth #3: Employment Agencies only work with Entry-Level Candidates

Staffing companies often specialize in specific industries. Because employment agencies have become so specialized, they are able to offer a range of position types from entry-level to professional.

Myth #4: Staffing Company Jobs are very short-lived

Just because a job is temporary doesn’t mean it will only last a few days or even a few weeks. While it is possible that you may be called in to work a job for a short period of time, this is not always the case. Often, ABL Employment agency candidates are chosen to fill in for full-time employees who are on extended leaves of absence.

Myth #5: Temporary Jobs don’t offer benefits

You may be surprised to learn that there are some temporary jobs that actually do offer great benefits. Depending on the organization and the level of the position you are filling, you could receive a variety of benefits including direct deposit, holidays, and medical and dental.

To learn about more benefits of working for a staffing company, talk to one of the experts at ABL Employment. We have various locations in the GTA, London, Woodstock, Vancouver and more. Our company specializes in general labour jobs and we offer tons of packaging jobs, industrial jobs, and automotive jobs. Visis our website for more information:

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