Fall Hiring Season is Here!

ABL is offering LONGTERM and SEASONAL opportunities in many cities across British Columbia and Ontario. Many of these opportunities have potential for hire. Right now, we are ACTIVELY DISPATCHING workers to jobsites in DELTA BC, and Ontario cities such as MILTON and OAKVILLE, and many others.

But if you’ve never worked through a staffing service before, you may not know what to expect. Here are some Frequently Asked Questions about working with ABL Employment Inc. :

1) Question:
Do workers pay a fee to work through ABL Employment Inc. ?

NO: This is a free service to the worker. 
There is no sign-up fee, enrolment fee, administration fee, payroll fee or
placement fee. We make our money by billing the work-site company a fee for the
services we provide them.

Can I get offered full-time hire by my placement site if I work through ABL
Employment Inc. ?

YES! We have arrangements with each of worksite companies whereby they can hire
any ABL Employee if an opportunity arises. We have guidelines for this that
help make a smooth transition for the worker and the client site company. We
*want* to see happy workers and happy companies…and it makes our day when we
are able to connect these two parties J

Question: Why do people use a staffing company like ABL Employment, instead of
applying directly to a company?

Many reasons, for example:

It saves time: pounding the pavement looking for work is time consuming and often discouraging: a staffing company already has a list of companies that are looking for workers with your skills and preferences. 

To get a reference: new graduates, stay-at-home-moms, new immigrants, layed-off workers: they all need a *recent* work reference to get back into the job market. ABL can help by placing you in a position and can provide a great reference for your future job search after working with you for a time.

“Try before you buy”:
 if you are considering a career change or a return to school , it can be a scary thing if you are worried you may not like the work once you start. ABL can introduce you to various work site environments and job descriptions, so you can try the work on a temporary basis before you decide to make a long-term commitment, or spend a lot of money going back to school for something you may not actually enjoy afterwards.

Interested?  APPLY ONLINE
 with us at staging.abl.flywheelsites.com and then call your local ABL office to see which opportunities best match your skills, experience, work-style preferences and availability.

We also have a referal bonus plan: Ask your ABL office for details.

We Look Forward To Working With You !

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