5 Ways to a Successful Job Search

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No luck finding a job yet?

Looking for a new job can be so time-consuming that it can become a full-time job in itself. The back-to-back rejections, near-misses, and stalled opportunities can also leave you feeling soul-destroyed!  It could be a sign that you need to be more proactive or employ a more varied approach to help you stay focused and enthusiastic.  Here are five ways to make your job search a resounding success.


You’ve heard the adage, “You never get a second chance to make a good first impression.” That’s why it’s critical your resumé makes a winning impression on your first try. Today’s hiring managers (and the computers they use to sift through resumés) are in a hurry. If your resumé isn’t formatted to be read quickly in small snack-sized bites, it might end up on the “no” pile.  To that end, we recommend including relevant keywords that appeared in the job posting, using adjectives and numbers to let your accomplishments shine (such as “boosted sales 88 percent”) and limiting your contact info to your email address, phone number, and URL to your LinkedIn profile.


How well do you invest in your relationships?  In today’s wavering economy it’s important to strengthen your connections and personal networks. Make direct approaches to organizations who are not currently hiring, talk to people in interesting roles and sectors, and build relationships with the right recruitment agencies. It not only maintains your confidence levels and ensures you’re remembered, but it also increases your chances of finding your tribe.


Having a LinkedIn profile is one thing, but if you want to successfully promote your personal brand, it pays to actively participate in LinkedIn’s industry and interest groups. Find relevant groups by going to your LinkedIn home page, clicking on the Groups tab and searching for those that interest you. This way you’ll boost your chances of getting noticed by hiring managers and recruiters, and you’ll build a reputation as a go-to resource in your field.


Have you taken the time to find out what the organization is trying to achieve and the kind of people they’re currently looking for? This level of research goes beyond just repeating information from their website. It’s about diving deep into the issues affecting their industry and seeking people on the inside, so you can learn the shortcuts, stay ahead of the curve and avoid any pitfalls


Sometimes a job search can feel isolating and overwhelming. Especially if you’re not receiving any external feedback. That’s when using a staffing agency can take the sting out of a job search.  You’ll gain access to hidden networks and job opportunities that will make your chances of landing a job that much easier.

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