Top Myths About Staffing Companies

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Myth # 1: They Only Offer Short Term Positions

The length of assignments that staffing companies offer is determined by the needs of the client company. Those client companies contact ABL Careers with needs that could include:

  • Maternity / Parental Leave Coverage
  • Vacancy When A Team Member Retires
  • Seasonal Ramp-ups
  • Special Projects
  • Launch Of A New Division
  • Expansion Of A Department

As you can see from these examples, the duration of these placements could range from a few weeks to a temporary-to-hire opportunity. When ABL Careers takes a client request for a new team member, we gather as much information as possible to understand the time commitment required for the assignment. This way, we can properly inform you of the opportunities and expectations involved when we present the assignment to one of our candidates.

Myth # 2: Temporary Positions Offer Low Pay

A reputable staffing company will guide the client company towards paying a competitive wage for the assignment, based on the skills, experience, and availability required to identify the perfect candidate. It is in everyone’s best interest (company, candidate, and staffing firm) to help the client company understand the market value of the desired abilities, and help them come to a rate that will secure them the best candidate available without paying for skills that are not required for the position.

Myth # 3: Staffing Companies Deduct Money From Employees’ Pay

A staffing company is the true employer of the temporary employee, and the service of matching the candidate to assignments in their field is a free service for the candidates and employees.
Only government remittances (Employment Insurance, Canada Pension Plan, Income Tax, etc.) will automatically be deducted from employee payroll. Any other deductions, (such as uniforms/equipment, police record checks, etc.) must be authorized by the employee before those items can be charged or deducted from the payroll. Keep in mind that ABL Careers will also submit employer contributions to your Canada Pension Plan and Employment Insurance, and will cover your Worker’s 
Compensation and all other employer obligations.

Myth # 4: Staffing Companies Only Offer Entry-Level Positions

Client companies request staff from all experience levels – a staffing company like ABL Careers will investigate what the requirements of the position are, and determine what level of experience and ability a successful candidate will need to be a good match. In some cases, client companies require someone who can “hit the ground running”, because of short ramp-up times or emergency staff coverage needs. Other times, companies are willing to train the right candidate if the basic transferable skills are in place already. ABL Careers can assist with matching entry-level and senior-level staff using our leading-edge recruiting and matching processes.

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