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May 2016

Jonathan W.

New Westminster, BC

We received the following wonderful feedback from Jonathan's supervisor: "Jonathan comes in every day with a great work ethic, always wants to work, and is incredibly pleasant and easy to get along with. An overall great young man!"

Gary J.

Surrey, BC

Despite some recent personal tragedy, Gary continues to be a reliable and motivated employee, who is eager to take extra work and prove his dedication and commitment to his assignments.

Corey C.


When a last minute shift came up because of an unexpected cargo delivery, Corey jumped in last minute to help fulfill the crew requirements needed to handle that delivery, and save the day. These shifts are typiclly 12 hours long, and very specific training certification is required to even be dispatched to this worksite. Thank you for being so flexible, Corey!

Katherine H.


Katherine didn't even hesitate to accept an ASAP work order at one of our regular assignments - these shifts start pretty early in the mornings, so there isn't a lot of time to make a lot of calls to fill the staff requirements when there's a missing person. Thanks to Katherine, our client company was able to avoid some serious delays in production. Thank you!

Adam W.


From our staffing coordinator in Hamilton: "Adam is such a dedicated ABL employee. He has worked on a number of ongoing assignments and is continuously asked to return as a client "fave". I have a NEW company that is looking for a delivery driver. I immediately thought of Adam because he is so reliable, is a very hard worker and is liked by his coworkers. I have set him up for a meet and greet with the warehouse supervisor and general manager. After talking to them about Adam they are very eager to meet him. We know we can trust Adam to represent us well at this new client.".

Nigel G.


One of our warehouse clients is moving their operation to a new city. We wanted to put a ballot into our monthly lucky draw for Nigel because he has been such a star and a big help in getting this facility ready for their upcoming move. Thank you for all your hard work!

Randy C.


We put in a ballot for Randy this month because he is consistantly a really good representative for ABL. He has not missed any time with us since starting with ABL. He shows great initiative on the worksite, and is always thinking proactively. Although he is a Forklift operator he doesnt mind coming off the FL and working on anything else that needs doing - he is amazing!

Shuming W.


An email from the manager of logistics at an ABL client company: "Hi ABL, thanks for letting me know that the employee I referred for a lucky draw ballot last month won - great to see ABL associates being recognised. Another employee who does a remarkable job day in day out is Shuming.". Looks like this manager has a knack of picking winners - Well done, Shuming! Thank you for representing ABL so well!

Ali N.


We put in a ballot for Ali for the lucky draw in May because we wanted to thank Ali for everything he did to ensure the project he was working on finished on time and wrapped up smoothly. Thanks for being a great employee with a fabulous can-do attitude!

Dale P.


Dale has worked for us at one assignment for over a year. Recently - that assignment came to an end when the facilty moved. Even though Dale knew for a few months that the job would be ending, he stuck to it and continued to work hard, and give his all to ensure that everything went smoothly. Thank you for being such a great ambassador, Dale. We're looking forward to working with you again in the future. You are an ABL Fave!

Fernando D.


Throughout his recent assignment with ABL, Fernando was conscientious, reliable and committed to the success of the project. You really made us proud!

Nathin B.


We wanted to add a ballot in this month's lucky draw for Nathin because he was a real trooper on his most recent assignment - a lot of schedule flexibility is required at this location, and Nathin was really there for us. Thank you, Nathin!

Joshua R.


Joshua had text-book perfect attendance and punctuality last week at one of our workplaces - we wanted to recognise that, and we decided to put in a ballot for this month's lucky draw - and Joshua's name was picked! Congratulations! We hope your good example will inspire others to make the same commitment to excellence.

Ismail Y.


You'd be hard-pressed to find a more dedicated and determined young man - He works 3 different jobs, 1 of which is a full time commitment at an ABL assignment. He also works twice a week with his sister's industrial cleaning company & he works at Swiss Chalet on the weekends to top it all off. He is really amazing - and he has had great feedback from his ABL assignment - so he really is getting noticed. Well done, Ismail!

Brandon S.


Sometimes it can take a few tries to find the right fit between assignment employee and worksite. On his second ABL assignment, Brandon has definitely proved himself. He has perfect attendance and he loves the job and the people. Well done - we are glad you have found your niche!

Matthew E.


ABL has recently started using a new online signature tool to make registration more convenient for our applicants. With every big change, there can be challenges - Matthew was the first person to try the new system in our Woodstock office. Matthew was very understanding and communicated so well with us duing his experience using the new tool - it allowed us to learn with him and iron out a number of kinks in the process. Thanks, Matthew!