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June 2016

Lucas Z.

New Westminster

Our staffing team entered a ballot for Lucas because he showed up an hour early for his assignment and is doing a great job so far!

Cori W.

New Westminster

We wanted to enter a ballot for Cori because she really saved the day by taking an assignment that came up suddenly - thanks for being so flexible, Cori!

Tyler F.


Tyler is collaborating closely with ABL to identify the right work assignments for his requirements. His general approach and patience is noted and we're looking forward to a productive relationship.

Erin B.


We called and asked Erin to go in to a work assignment, but she was busy with errands at the time. After hearing about the urgent situation, she decided to drop everything and head in to work to save the day. That was awesome!

Greg P.


Greg had some great feedback from his onsite supervisor. He works in a department with an extremely fast paced conveyor. His supervisor describes Greg as "great and working out really well" and "that they were very happy with his performance and to keep up the good work". We are very happy that this supervisor has asked us to enter a campaign ballot for Greg this month.

Lucas H.


We received this lovely email from a worksite supervisor: "Could you please pass on to the team how grateful I am for the very difficult job they did for us during our shut down last week. We found ourselves extremely short of time and I asked that they work straight through the night to get this job complete. They completed the job and I know the guys were dead beat by the morning.". Lucas is part of the team the supervisor mentions. We are very proud of you all!

Carolyn G.


Carolyn took a shift that really helped our client company out. Plus, Carolyn did it with enthusiasm and a smile!

Sumera K.


Sumera took a last minute shift outside of her immediate area and really helped us make a difference for our client company that day. Thank you for your flexibility, Sumera!

David S.


After completing 867.75 at one of our warehouse assignments, David has done a great job and we are looking forward to having him back to work soon. David has agreat attitude and is eager to get back out there and do ABL proud yet again.

Chris E.


One of our clients runs a delivery truck service to residential customers, and they needed an extra person last minute in order for the delivery truck to leave on time and get everything delivered successfully. Chris jumped into action and agreed to take that shift - he really saved the day for our client!

Sadiq N.


Our customer recently changed the way the shifts are set up and they now have a weekends' only shift running, which Sadiq is part of. Sadiq has been doing a great job and is really thriving despite the shift changes. Thanks for doing us proud!

Sami I.


Sami reached out to let us know that he loves the job he's working currently, and it has been helping him through so much as he has an ongoing family matter. He said that he feels so very well taken care of at ABL and that we are not only his employer but his friends. Thank you for your kind words, Sami - you work very hard and we appreciate everything you do.

Maxamealian P.


Max has been doing a great job of getting the worksite timesheets submitted to us on time every week. Thank you, Max - we really work well together!

Kevin E.


We would like to recognize Kevin for doing a great job and having perfect attendance on his most recent assignment. He was unsure if he wanted the position at first, but it turned out to be a great fit for him. We're looking forward to working together again!

Kyle O.


We wanted to recognize Kyle for doing such a great job on his assignment - he has excellent attendance: even though he relies on a ride to get to work, he always makes sure he arrives on time. Kyle is a joy to work with.

Jennifer M.


Jennifer recently had a stellar interview with one of our worksites, and was offered a day shift Lead Inspector position. Well done, Jennifer - we are so proud of you!

Eddie H.


A last minute opportunity came up and Eddie jumped at the chance to take the shift - we love your enthusiasm and positive attitude about embracing every opportunity!