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February 2016

Santiago M.


Santiago came in to register a while back and has been working part-time at our client to support himself while he is in school. Due to his polite and respectful attitude and dependability, he has been promoted to a Part Time lane leader position: now he has more regular hours and more pay, which will help him keep paying for school!

John M.


John had his review today at his assignment- he is doing so well and his review was very positive. Good job, John, you are making a great impression at our client.

Austin O.


Austin has been working with us for a while now and also goes to school full time. Even so, there hasn't been a shift that he has missed or complained about: If he can get there by bus, he will be there! He is always willing to go to work when last minute opportunities come up, and has shown us that he is dedicated to working and going to school at the same time. He calls and hotlists himself on days he knows that he hasn't been called to work, so that he is first up for the next suitable opportunity. He is very well liked everywhere we have dispatched him. He is asked for by name at our clients because they really like his work ethic.

Joe T.

North York

Joe called us to share the news that he was the first temporary person at that client company to ever be permitted to operate their 1500 Ton Forklift on their first shift! THIS IS WONDERFUL NEWS! We knew your experience was a great fit for that assignment!

Taylor J.


A production manager at our client company emailed us: "Taylor has been doing a fantastic job over in our facility and we want him to keep coming back because he's a rock star over here! Therefore I nominate him for a ballot for the "A Better Life" monthly draw.". Great job!

Rajwant C.


Rajwant was been working steadily with us at one of our clients since April 2015. She has been a great addition to our ABL family. She has taken on so much Voluntary Overtime and has never been late for a shift. She has been working successfully at this client for over 1200 hours, now!

Mitchell S.


Our client called to say how pleased they were with Mitchel. They said he was fast and efficient. The client said that he worked really well with everyone and they would LOVE to have him back again for future opportunities.

Lisa W.


Lisa is always available for ASAP work opportunities and accepts every shift we offer her. She works part-time at a restaurant during the day but she is always looking for more work for the afternoons/nights. She's a very hard worker and great person. Thanks for being so flexible and dependable, Lisa!

Nizam A.

New Westminster

We entered a ballot for Nizam because not only does our client company rave about him, but he is also so reliable - he is one of those associates you can add to a job order and sleep well - he is great and you know he is a hard worker. He is a great associate and is an excellent representative for ABL wherever we send him. We are on the "Go Nizam!" team all the way - he rocks!

Tony H.


Tony stopped in to the ABL office to share his news: He was super excited to tell us that he is being trained to do all of the outbound shipping at his assignment. He says it's pretty intense. He has to check all orders and make sure everything is accurate and check it off for final approval for shipment. He feels very proud as he was picked out of a lot of employees to take on this responsibility. He said that some of the permanent long term employees at the client company are now coming to him for questions and for him to show them how to complete certain tasks. We are very happy for him, and so proud of his achievement!

Mojeed S.


Mojeed contacted us to share this info: Things have been stressful at home for him over the last few months, but he recently got some great news: "Hello ABL! Wednesday will be my last working day for ABL. I will be joining the client company full time! This wouldn't have been possible if ABL had not given me the opportunity. ABL Employment is one of the best agencies I ever worked with. Your experience and services are second to none. Your crew of staff are well trained. I'm happy to have worked with you and will not hesitate to give you guys credit for a job well done.. I will be more willing to introduce anyone to your agency. Thank you guys very much.". Congratulations, Mojeed - we are very proud of your accomplishments!

David B.


David is such a fabulous individual. He has been so dedicated to our client and always comes in to the office to get his hours for the next week. He loves visiting us and communicating with us about the work and what goes on at the worksite. He absolutely loves his placement (which requires him to drive to St Mary's from London) and is willing to go above and beyond at the client site. Thank you for your efforts, David, and for making such a great impression at our client company.