Red Cross First Aid Training Available Through ABL

CPR training manquin being worked on by trainees learning to do chest compressions

Red Cross First Aid Training Now Available through ABL Employment in Ontario!

Our occupational Wellness Manager, Carla Villalta, is a certified Red Cross instructor. She is able to provide our client companies with the opportunity to get onsite First Aid training for your staff conducted at your own worksite, or at our ABL head-office location in Waterdown, Ontario. 

ABL Employment will work with you to make this an affordable and accessible option to get your teams’ First Aid certification requirements completed or updated.

Benefits Of Our Blended Program:

  • Content & certificate for the Blended courses (both online time and in-class time required) is the same as traditional courses. 
  • Participants spend about half the time in-class compared to tradition training. 
  • ABL’s Occupational Wellness Manager (a National Red Cross First Aid Instructor) comes to your worksite.
  • If you don’t have the minimum number of participants, we can invite your team to join one of our open-registration classes held at ABL’s training location in Waterdown, ON.
  • Scenarios used in class are tailored to your unique work environment, and address typical injuries and their prevention strategies, too.

First Aid Training & Certificate Fees:

** pricing valid until December 31st, 2024

Onsite training with a minimum of 3 and maximum 10 participants per course: 


Update on COVID-19’s impact on First Aid Requirements:

What First Aid Training is A Workplace Required To Provide?

In Ontario, the required training depends on the number of people working per shift at a workplace:

For workplaces with five or fewer people working on any one shift, at least one must have an emergency first aid certificate. For workplaces with six or more people working on any shift, at least one must have a standard first aid certificate. 

In British Columbia, the required level of training is based on how long it takes to transport an injured person to a hospital and the number of workers per shift.

Most first aid certificates are valid for a maximum of three years.



1) Where should you have first aid stations? How many should you have?

When you have multiple buildings, you should treat each building as an individual workplace. All vehicles used for work purposes, including personal vehicles, should also have a first aid kit and supplies.

2) What are the requirements for workers who work off-site or in small crews?

The first aid requirements for employees working off-site are the same as for employees working on-site

All work crews must have adequate first aid supplies and a trained first aider according to the size of the crew and in B.C. “according to location”.

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If you would like more information on how ABL can help you with your employee First Aid training requirements, (including the new “Preventing Disease Transmission In the Workplace” course), please complete the form below, or call one of our ABL office locations!

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